Automated video analysis in legislative research

I am currently heading a research project at the Collaborative Research Center 884 “The Political Economy of Reforms” at the University of Mannheim together with Thomas Gschwend and Rainer Stiefelhagen. The project aims to study the potential of automated video analysis for political research. We hope to contribute to the broadening of the methods portfolio in the social sciences that is currently under way. As audio and video data are increasingly ubiquitous and easily accessible in the digital age, it is important that political science is equipped with the necessary tools to make sense of such data.

Representation and inequality in local politics

In collaboration with Martin Gross from the LMU Munich, I am running a DFG-funded research project to investigate patterns of representation and inequality in German local politics. Based on a variety of textual data sources (local manifestos, minutes of the local council meetings) and relying on automated text analysis techniques, we assess to what extent neighborhoods are fairly represented in municipal politics.